Family-Based Immigration

Whatever has brought you to the United States, you want to be here with the people that matter most: your family. At the Mazzola Law Firm, we help families across the United States with their immigration law concerns. A fundamental goal of our firm is to bring families together in the United States and keep them together once they are here.

Some of the family-based immigration services we offer include:

  • Visa Petitions (immigrant and non-immigrant visas)
  • Adjustment of Status Applications
  • Following to Join Applications
  • Adoption and Orphan Petitions
  • Consular Processing
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Moving family members to the U.S.
  • Acquired or derivative citizenship
  • Removal of conditional residence status
  • Assistance with green cards
  • Grounds of inadmissibility issues and waivers
  • Fiancé visas

The first step for most families is to secure the necessary visas. We will take a close look at your case and work diligently for you as you seek to obtain a visa for your fiancé, spouse, mother, father, or children.

Family-Based Immigrant Visas: Individuals can obtain legal permanent residency status (and ultimately, U.S. citizenship) through family-based immigrant visa sponsorship. Although immediate family members, such as spouses, unmarried minor children, or adopted children are granted legal permanent residency status without significant delay, other family-based immigrant visas are granted based upon a waiting period related to preference classifications (the relationship between the visa applicant and the sponsoring family member).

Family-Based Non-Immigrant Visas: Temporary visas/nonimmigrant visas can also be obtained based upon relationship with a U.S. citizen. Temporary fiancé visas are available for foreign nationals who plan to marry a U.S. citizen and temporary spouse visas are available to foreign nationals who have recently married a U.S. citizen and are awaiting processing of their green card.

When people visit our office, we want them to leave with a feeling of hope and promise. We want them to know that we will fight for them, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to help them achieve their immigration goals. If you need to speak with a family-based immigration attorney, call 844.800.6335 to contact our office in Beaumont, Texas. You may also contact us online to get the process started.