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The Mazzola Law Firm provides effective, results-oriented immigration representation to clients in the Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, Texas areas, as well as across the entire State of Texas. As our client, we will offer you the best possible legal services and support, with relentless pursuit of immigration benefits under the law.

From smaller cases requiring legal advice to complicated immigration appeals, our Beaumont immigration law attorneys stand ready to help. We look for creative, intelligent and ethical solutions to provide our clients with superior representation in all matters of immigration, including:

Family-based Immigration: We help bring families together by providing legal advice on all types of family-based immigration. We advise clients on the best way to obtain U.S. citizenship, move a family member to the U.S., or bring a fiancé to the United States. When it comes to something as important as your family, hiring an experienced immigration attorney is a must. With the Mazzola Law Firm as your advocate, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that things are being done right.

Employment-based Immigration:  The Mazzola Law Firm also has extensive experience assisting individuals obtain employment-based visas. After analyzing the specific facts of the case and determining the best visa for the situation, we will shepherd both individual and employer through the complicated process of obtaining a green card through employment.

Employment-based Nonimmigrant Visas: We also assist employers of qualified candidates in acquiring a temporary work visa in the United States for their foreign workers in the United States. A temporary (nonimmigrant) worker is an individual seeking to enter the United States for a specific employment purpose. Nonimmigrants enter the United States for a temporary period of time, and once in the United States, are restricted to the activity or reason for which their non-immigrant visa was issued.

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Family-Based Immigration

Whatever has brought you to the United States, you want to be here with the people that matter most: your family. At the Mazzola Law Firm, we help families across the United States with their immigration law concerns. A fundamental goal of our firm is to bring families together in the United States and keep them together once they are here.

Some of the family-based immigration services we offer include:

  • Visa Petitions (immigrant and non-immigrant visas)
  • Adjustment of Status Applications
  • Following to Join Applications
  • Adoption and Orphan Petitions
  • Consular Processing
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Moving family members to the U.S.
  • Acquired or derivative citizenship
  • Removal of conditional residence status
  • Assistance with green cards
  • Grounds of inadmissibility issues and waivers
  • Fiancé visas

The first step for most families is to secure the necessary visas. We will take a close look at your case and work diligently for you as you seek to obtain a visa for your fiancé, spouse, mother, father, or children.

Family-Based Immigrant Visas: Individuals can obtain legal permanent residency status (and ultimately, U.S. citizenship) through family-based immigrant visa sponsorship. Although immediate family members, such as spouses, unmarried minor children, or adopted children are granted legal permanent residency status without significant delay, other family-based immigrant visas are granted based upon a waiting period related to preference classifications (the relationship between the visa applicant and the sponsoring family member).

Family-Based Non-Immigrant Visas: Temporary visas/nonimmigrant visas can also be obtained based upon relationship with a U.S. citizen. Temporary fiancé visas are available for foreign nationals who plan to marry a U.S. citizen and temporary spouse visas are available to foreign nationals who have recently married a U.S. citizen and are awaiting processing of their green card.

When people visit our office, we want them to leave with a feeling of hope and promise. We want them to know that we will fight for them, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to help them achieve their immigration goals. If you need to speak with a family-based immigration attorney, call 844.800.6335 to contact our office in Beaumont, Texas. You may also contact us online to get the process started.

Employment-Based Immigration

At the Mazzola Law Firm, we represent employers and professionals in all areas of employment-based immigration matters. Our lawyers provide practical advice to companies that need to hire and retain foreign talent on a temporary or permanent basis. We customize immigration solutions for every person who visits our office because we recognize that everyone has different circumstances and unique needs.

This is especially relevant in cases of employment-based immigration. The waiting periods vary widely according to numerous factors, including the country of origin, and the credentials belonging to the person involved in the process.

Five Categories 

The five basic categories of applicants for employment-based immigration are  as follows:

  • Priority workers
  • Members of professions holding advanced degrees
  • Skilled workers, professionals and other workers
  • Special immigrants
  • Employment creation visas

For our clients who require temporary work visas, our Beaumont employment-based nonimmigrant visa attorneys choose the visa that fit best with their unique circumstances. H-1B and L-1 visas are two of the most common such  visas used by our immigration attorneys.

Navigating A Complicated System

Employment-based immigration law in the U.S. is complex and frequently changing. Most employment-based applications will require that the applicant and employer undergo a process known as PERM.  This process involves a certification by the U.S. Department of Labor that there is a lack of qualified U.S. workers in the applicant’s specific job category.

We also represent professionals who can obtain permanent residency without a labor certification because their work is extraordinary and/or in the national interest.

The Mazzola Law Firm provides a wide range of employment-based immigration services, and can help clients obtain permanent residency in the United States through EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 and EB-4 visas, as well as EB-5 investor visas.

If you or a family member needs compassionate, experienced and qualified legal representation on an employment-based immigration matter, we can help. To learn more about these and other employment-based immigration services, we encourage you to contact our Beaumont office by calling us toll-free at 844.800.6335, or by clicking here to contact us online.

Employment-Based Nonimmigrant Visas

We also assist employers of qualified candidates in acquiring a temporary work visa in the United States for their foreign workers in the United States. A temporary (non-immigrant) worker is an individual seeking to enter the United States for a specific employment purpose. Non-immigrants enter the United States for a temporary period of time, and once in the United States, are restricted to the activity or reason for which their non-immigrant visa was issued. Categories of available non-immigrant employment visas include:

  • H-1B visa for specialty occupations
  • H-1C visa for registered nurses
  • H-2A visa for agricultural workers
  • H-2B visa for non-agricultural workers
  • H-3 visa for non-immigrant trainees
  • L-1 visa for intra-company transferees
  • O-1 visa for individuals of extraordinary ability
  • R1 visa for temporary religious workers
  • TN visa for NAFTA professionals

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